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This is a continuation of our series looking at the different types of unhealthy parental messages described in the book Cutting Loose,  by Dr. Howard M. Halpern.   Today we will look at “unloviing parents.”

All of us have had experiences in life where we have felt unloved, misunderstood or uncared for at times.  Which, as long as we live in a fallen world will be a universal experience.  But, there are those who have experienced parents who seem to have a deficiency in either their ability or desire to be basically loving and caring. It is of these that we speak today.

unloving parents

If a marriage doesn’t work, what happens after divorce?  Divorce is a common occurrence in our culture.  A person is left with loneliness, lowered self-esteem, anxiety about the unknowns, and difficulty forming new intimate relationships. The way you chose to handle and recover from your divorce will set the course for the rest of your life.  Research has shown that there are 6 common pathways in exiting divorce.


It’s that time. The stores are having the biggest sales of the year! Television commercials show us everything that our loves ones desperately want for the holidays. Hallmark, telephone companies, and even coffee companies show us how perfect the holiday is. They show happy families that do anything just to be with each other for the this season. Unfortunately, for some of us, that doesn’t reflect our reality. Holidays can be an extremely painful time either because we don’t have family or because we do have family!! Here are some tools to help prepare and help make the holiday season as pleasant as possible:

One of the greatest stressors of life is managing our money. A study I read a few years ago said that 90% of couples who were divorcing said that money was their number one problem. However, the average income of those couples was significantly above the poverty line. This suggests that it’s not necessarily how much we bring home, but how we manage it that’s the problem.

A good friend called recently and the words I heard were familiar…”A family member of mine is addicted to pain medication.”  Whether it’s pain medication, alcohol, some other drug or substance of abuse, the pain in the voice of the caller is always the same.  In fact, in my years as a counselor I have come to realize that no situation is scarier than when someone in the family becomes addicted.  Everything in the lives of those affected suddenly is up for grabs.  One day everything seems normal and okay with your loved one, the next they seem to have been replaced by an unknown stranger. Addict photo