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Ronnie Gaines, LMFT/C


Ronnie Gaines


I have been working with families for several years and my passion is seeing married couples prosper in their relationships. My goal is to give them the tools necessary for acquiring and applying certain attributes that make a marriage thrive. Marriage is one of the most difficult relationships that a person will encounter. This is due to many diverse circumstances, family history, different cultures, and individual personality temperaments. However, if individuals can learn to master the way they communicate positively, their marriage will turn from a negative disaster which can ultimately end in a failed relationship.

Also, I believe that most individuals actions are determined by the way they think. If a person can alter their cognitions concerning hurts, disappointments, trauma, past experiences, etc., it will transform their choices and decisions.

I love working with clients through an approach called Narrative Therapy. By using this method, the client tells their story. Through stories the therapist can experience, along with the client, those aspects that have brought them to a particular point in life and together change can be accomplished.

Ronnie Gaines, M.A. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate who received his Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy from Oral Roberts University. He has a passion for working in Marriage Counseling which includes Pre-Marital Preparation. He also offers individual therapy dealing with many core issues. He is Senior Pastor of Extreme Church in Pryor, Oklahoma. Ronnie and his wife Mylisa have been married over 26 years and have a solid marriage using tools and techniques that make a marriage strong. They have two children, Kimberlynn 22, who is a graduate of Oral Roberts University with a BS in Nursing and Bo 21, who works at a music store, owns a recording studio and is the drummer in an alternative Christian band. Mylisa, Kimberlynn and Bo are extremely active in Extreme Church.

Marital Issues

Premarital Preparation

Affair Recovery

Conflict Resolution


Family Therapy

Premarital Preparation

Sexual Addiction


Ronnie does not accept insurance at this time.

Ronnie works with both males & females of all ages.