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As parents, we want our children and adolescents to behave appropriately and be responsible for their behaviors. When our children and adolescents misbehave, we want them to understand why those behaviors are unacceptable. So, we want to give consequences, but it is important to make sure we are imposing consequences that will alter behaviors.  If parents are going to use consequences, they have to realize why they are using consequences and understand the significance of making the consequence “fit the behaviors” if you will. Parents Reading to Laughing Boy

"Your life is boring. You're sick of your job. Your relationship is stuck in a rut.These thoughts are circulating through many people's minds, says Nick Gould, a therapist with Midtown Family Therapy. But they don't have to be. A new year is a perfect time for people to reinvent themselves, experts say." - Nour Habib