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Euphoric emotions can become addictive

It's not just sex or pornography that some crave compulsively.
Love, too, can be its own addiction. "Most people don't recognize it. It's just like sexual addiction 15 to 20 years ago," said Stuart Hook, a private practice therapist with the Life Connection Counseling. Few may have heard of the term, "but it happens," Hook said, adding, "I think maybe more so with women than men, but both ways." Hook described it as people chasing one relationship after another, with people not recognizing addictive behavior but sometimes recognizing "commitment issues."

A good friend called recently and the words I heard were familiar…”A family member of mine is addicted to pain medication.”  Whether it’s pain medication, alcohol, some other drug or substance of abuse, the pain in the voice of the caller is always the same.  In fact, in my years as a counselor I have come to realize that no situation is scarier than when someone in the family becomes addicted.  Everything in the lives of those affected suddenly is up for grabs.  One day everything seems normal and okay with your loved one, the next they seem to have been replaced by an unknown stranger. Addict photo